Carl L. Backus

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My father and mother were laid to rest together on March 18, 2010, at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Independence, Kansas. They are next to my father's mother, Elsie May Madden Backus, who passed on when my dad was eight years old. Many of Dad's relatives on both the Madden and Backus sides of the family are buried there, including his grandparents and great grandparents.

We were able to locate the site of the Madden farm, a beautiful piece of land

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Posted by: Sharon Backus Sumner - Daughter   Apr 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven, Uncle Carl! I'm sure you and Aunt Florence are having a wonderful celebration.

Posted by: Linda Sherrell - OKC, OK - Grandneice   Apr 22, 2010

Carl Leroy Backus, 95, passed away in Dallas, Texas, on November 1, 2009, following a stroke. Prior to the stroke he had continued to live independently in Dallas, where he had moved following the death of his beloved wife, Florence, in Abilene, Texas. born on April 22, 1914, on a farm in Independence, Kansas, Carl was a member of the "greatest generation." He experienced the Great Depression firsthand, worked in radio during its earliest days, and served in the U.S.

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Posted by: Ashley Wojan - Dallas, TX - Granddaughter   Jan 23, 2010

When my parents divorced when I was seven, I saw my Grandfather while on my first visit to see my father in Galveston Texas. I did not know that this would be the last time I would see him, and I was still too young to comprehend the idea of my newly changing family dynamic. I figured he was someone I would always see; I took him for granted, as children often do.

As I grew into a teenager, and after

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Posted by: Natalie Backus - OR - Granddaughter   Jan 14, 2010

I remember both Ashley's Grandparents from my son and Ashley's wedding 15 years ago yesterday and they were so happy and enjoyed seeing the celebration of their Ashley's union in matrimony...My mother was alive as well and I have pictures of the 3 of them and the joy on their faces at that event. May God grant peace comfort and joy in the memories you hold dear to your heart.

Posted by: Laura Wojan - Granddaughter's Mother in Law   Jan 08, 2010

I am Blessed to know Uncle Carl by his emails which I grew to cherish! What a joy to have known him this short time here on earth. I was devastated when I heard he had passed and no more emails came. Aunt Florence I'm sure is so glad to be with him again! I am thankful that we all got to share him in these years before he went home to be with his beloved. Uncle carl was such

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Posted by: Carol Shackelford-Hansen - Snohomish, WA - Uncle Carl   Jan 08, 2010

My grandpa was the most wonderful man I've ever known. His love and devotion to his wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchild was absolutely incredible. He loved my grandmother the way I hope to be loved to the end of time. His eyes would sparkle when he spoke of her. His devotion to my mother, Sharon, was evident in everything he did and said. They became even closer, if that was even possible, in the last 10 years of his

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Posted by: Ashley Sumner Wojan - Grandaugter   Jan 07, 2010

Uncle Carl was a wonderful person. His and Aunt Florence's love for each other was heartwarming. I admired him greatly for his devotion to her through her illness.

He once sent me a tiny candy box containing some kind of cockleburrs. Told me she would bring those out, asking people if they'd ever seen Porcupine eggs. Sounded like the type of joke her sister Kate, my grandmother, would play .

Uncle Carl was an inspiration. He didn't let his advancing

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Posted by: Linda Sherrell - Grandniece   Jan 06, 2010

So glad to see this page for Uncle Carl. What a wonderful man as I have ever met.
Right now, Im feeling how BLESSED I have been to have known both him and my Aunt Florence.
She was my Grandmother (Kate) youngest sister of twelve siblings.
Uncle Carl was her devoted husband who she cherished as well as he did her. You just don't find that too often these days. They were for sure the "soul mates" we all look for and

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Posted by: Karen Richey    Nov 20, 2009

I'm a friend of the family. I met Carl at Linda's house one day around, I think, 2002. We had a visit of two or three hours. I was enthralled and fascinated as he told some of his life story. I remember he said that he had been an electrical engineer, working for some company such as General Electric before WW2. Then he was a member of OSS (Office of Strategic something,) the forerunner of the CIA. I'm so sorry

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Posted by: David Hug - Oklahoma City, OK   Nov 18, 2009